Bharat Bandh Update: 5 big updates India Metro, traffic and schools to Bharat Bandh, Agneepath Scheme India Band


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Bharat Bandh Update: The police administration has made elaborate preparations to prevent violent protests against the Agneepath scheme. The Internet has been shut down in 20 districts of Bihar. Bharat Bandh has been called today, in such a situation, security arrangements have been beefed up on the roads, trains, and railway stations to prevent nuisance. On the other hand, the Army has made it clear that the Agniveer Scheme will not be withdrawn.

The Central Government had announced the Agnipath Scheme for recruitment in the Army, but since this announcement, the protest has started and in many states, the youth have taken to the streets and they are protesting, in many states of the country, including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, the protests have been very violent. At the same time, the latest update, in this case, is that amid the opposition to this scheme across the country, now many organizations have announced a Bharat Bandh on Monday i.e. June 20.

After the announcement of Bharat Bandh, the police of the states have started strengthening their security arrangements, the administration has geared up for the Bharat Bandh and it is being said that wherever there are violent incidents, immediate action has been arranged. There are alerts.

It is being told that video and photography evidence will be used to crack down on those involved in the violence and the administration has made up its mind to take strict action against the protesters.

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