Anupamaa 1 December 2021 Written Update: Anuj got an invitation for the anniversary celebrations of Baa and Babuji?


Anupamaa 1 December 2021 Written Update

Anupamaa 1 December 2021 Written Update: The Shah family is gearing up for ba and babuji’s 50th wedding anniversary in Rajan and Deepa Shahi’s show “Anupama” (Anupamaa).

Tuesday’s episode begins with Anupama who tries to finish her office work. She has received a new laptop and a new phone from work and decides to send Anuj a message that she has completed her pending work. Then she starts fixing ba and babuji’s wedding clothes when she hears someone beating at the door. It was Anuj who reached his house after receiving a message called “Bachao”. Anupama tells her that she had messaged her “Ho Gaya”. Both of them laugh. Later, Anuj tells him that he knows that he cannot be a part of the celebration, but he wants to help Anupama and help him fix Babuji’s kurta.

Meanwhile, kavya and vanraj continue to argue at Shah’s house and Vanraj goes out to sleep. But before leaving, he tells Kavya not to make an issue or drama during the anniversary celebrations otherwise she will see her worst side.

The next day, when Anupama arrives, the children start decorating the house. She requests Vanraj if she can stay till the mehndi ceremony and Vanraj tells her that it will not be a problem nor kavya will say anything to her.

Later, when Anupama is preparing mehndi for Ba, Kavya stops her midway. Though Anupama tries to ignore her, she stops her from making mehndi and says it is her home. Anupama tells her that she should have tried to make a place in their hearts instead of taking a house in her name. Before Kavya could say anything, she sees Vanraj standing there and leaving without saying anything.

In the upcoming episode, we will see the family organize pre-wedding photoshoots for Ba and Babuji. Later during the mehndi ceremony, they see Anuj and GK at their doorstep. Who invited them? Was it Ba and Babuji? Will you apologize to Anuj and GK? Keep watching “Anupama” know what happens next.

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