Anupamaa 16th Dec Update: Anupama is ready to confess love in front of Anuj, Spoilers Alert


Anupamaa 16th Dec Update: Anupama will tell Anuj Dil Ki Baat, will a new love story begin!

Anupamaa 16th Dec Update: Anupamaa showed on Wednesday, December 15 (Anupamaa 16th Dec written update) that GK speaks thank you for coming home to Anupama. But, here Leela gets upset and asks Paritosh to go to Anupama as soon as possible. Anupama takes care of Anuj and gives him a note stating that she is ready to get into a relationship with Anuj.

‘Anupama’ further showed that Anuj’s happiness is no more after reading Anupama’s note and he starts dancing but Anupama comes to the truth with a dream and wants to confess her love in front of her. Meanwhile, Paritosh reaches there and asks Anupama to relax. He tells him that he has been sent by Leela to help him take care of Anuj. Anupama speaks thanks to Paritosh and tells her that Anuj was not keeping well so he is sleeping.

The next day Hasmukh reaches Anuj’s house to see him and thanks to God that he has got such a mature daughter-in-law who stands with the family in all circumstances. Anupama welcomes Hasmukh and takes everyone’s movements in the family. Hasmukh tells him that everything in Shah Bhawan is perfect unless Kavya and Vanraj do a Barkha. Hasmukh also says that Vanraj was able to stay for 25 years of Anupama because Anupama was quiet.

Hasmukh says kavya reacts to every small thing. Anupama tells Hasmukh that she wants to move on in her life but she is afraid that Anuj’s love will turn her back into an old Anupama. Hasmukh encourages Anupama and says that he doesn’t think too negatively about what has happened in life. Here Anuj goes into tension after reading the news that Malvika has come to India and will spend her life in Gujarat.

GK, on the other hand, feels that Malvika’s arrival will leave Anupama from Anuj’s life as she has been in such a relationship before. Here, Anupama listens to Anuj and Malvika on the phone. Anuj is saying that he still loves her and is ready to meet her.

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