Anupamaa 18 June 2021 Written Update: Vanraj compares Kavya and Anupama


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Anupamaa 18 June 2021 Written Update: At the beginning of the episode, Kavya reached home and said that she was very tired and asked why Vanraj was calling her again and again. Vanraj said he had an interview and did not even pick up his phone. Kavya told Vanraj not to shout at him for an interview. Vanraj asked Kavya to make tea for him. Kavya said she can’t do anything anymore because she is very tired. Vanraj said Anupamaa also came from school but still made tea for everyone. Kavya started shouting at Vanraj to compare with Anupamaa. Ba asked Vanraj to discuss his personal matters in his room.

Kavya said she needs to have a maid for the entire day. Rakhi also arrived and asked everyone to keep a maid. Anupamaa said she will take care of her children and parents. Rakhi said who will take care of everyone when Anupamaa goes to school. Kavya said she needs a maid for the whole day and she will not act like Anupamaa.

Ba gets depressed. Bapu Ji asked why he was under stress. Ba said no one even asked her about having a maid and said that first she made every decision but now no one cares about her opinion and said she just needs some love and respect. Anupamaa came and said that everyone loves Ba and asked her not to worry about Kavya’s decision and said that if Kavya hires a maid, Vanraj will get proper food to eat. Ba agrees to keep the maid.

Vanraj was worried about his interview, suddenly Kavya came and started expressing his discomfort to her. Vanraj said why didn’t Kavya ask him about his interview? Kavya said she knew her interview was bad. Toshu asked Kinjal to keep the maid for the entire day and asked her to focus on his career. Kinjal asked Toshu not to interfere in kitchen matters and asked him to focus only on his wife.

Anupamaa made handmade toffees for the children. Samar and Anupamaa dance to a song. Anupamaa came to Vanraj and said that everything would be fine soon and asked her to trust herself and encouraged her. Vanraj was happy.

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