Avatar 2 Release Date in USA and India and Upcoming Hollywood Movies Name and Release Date


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Avatar 2 Release Date: The sequel to noted Hollywood director James Cameron’s film Avatar Avatar 2 is slated to release next year. Disney India announced several upcoming films on Tuesday, including Avatar 2. All these films are going to hit the theatres.

Tell me, the 2009 science fiction film Avtar gained tremendous popularity around the world. James Cameron’s film was seen as a film that challenges the extent of narrative and production. The story of the film was set on a fictional planet called Pandora, where an ambitious businessman from Earth is mining for a precious mineral and in this order poses a threat to the existence, culture, and society of the giant boats.

Then there is a war between the human species and the boats, led by a navy built in the lab. This Navi is related to the crippled former Marine Jack Sali. Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana gave voice to both the leading Navy characters in the film. The film was played by Stephen Lang as the main villain. The film had set a worldwide revenue record. The sequel to Avtar will hit the theatres next on December 16.

Upcoming Best Hollywood Movies Name & Release Date

Theatres are scheduled to open in Maharashtra from October 22. The films of Bollywood have been announced so far. Almost all the major dates of 2022 have been booked. Hollywood film studios have also become active with Bollywood films and are gearing up to release the films in theatres. In the same vein, Disney India has announced the date of films to be released from 2021 to 2022.

Between October 22 and December 31, Disney India will have six films produced by 20th Century Studios, Marvel Studios, and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

  1. October 22 – The Last Dual
  2. October 29 – Ron’s Gone Wrong
  3. November 5 – Eternals
  4. November 26 – Encanto
  5. December 10 – West Side Story
  6. December 24 – The Kings Man

Now, coming to 2022, the release date of 9 films has been announced, including Avtar 2. The films have been produced by 20th Century Studios, Disney Pixar, and Marvel Studios.

  1. February 11 – Death on the Nile
  2. March 25 – Doctor Strange: Multiverse Op Madness
  3. May 6 – Thor: Love & Thunder
  4. June 17 – Lightyear
  5. July 8 – Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
  6. October 7 – Blade
  7. November 11 – The Marvels


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