Barrister Babu 18 June 2021 Written Update: Thakuma slapped Bondita


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Barrister Babu 18 June 2021 Written Update: At the beginning of the episode, Thakuma folded her hands in front of Narayan and his family and asked them to accept Bondita as she is a good girl and brings a lot of happiness to their house. But they don’t want to hear him. Bondita asks Thakuma that she did all this. While Narayan says he can understand that no one will marry Bondita if they break up the relationship.

But he will accept The Bondita and she can live and entertain her like a thing in her big house. Thakuma gets angry and shouts at Narayan that her daughter is not something that can entertain her. He asks why she is screaming. Bondita comes in front of her and says that she was the one who has a bad mind while she is a pure girl. She wants to know who is going to judge him when he himself is thinking such dirty things.

She adds that she is an ideal woman who knows how to fight and will not marry her son. Narayan and his family get angry. Bandita leaves the temple in anger. Thakuma goes after him. She asks her to stop. Bondita does not listen to him and keeps going. There Trilochan tells Anirudh that he should go home. Anirudh says he will not go. He wants to meet Boundita. She is not talking to her because of Thakuma. So now he wants to meet him and explain to him that his whereabouts are wrong.

Trilochan thinks That Thakuma can do anything but he should act carefully. Anirudh listens to him and understands him. Thakuma grabbed Bondita’s hand. She tells her that she is facing all this because of Anirudh. But if she gets married and no one will question her character. Fondita says she is facing all this because of her. As his Sakha babu wants to give him wings so that he can fly high.

But she was the one who is making her life hell. She announced that she would fight back and not marry anyone. Thakuma slapped him. Later he meets a pandit who asks her to perform a ritual in which Bondita will have to stay in the mine and she can die there. Thakuma is watching.

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