BB15 Update: Jay Bhanushali became emotional due to Salman’s bitter words, tears spilled from the eyes of the contestant


BB15: Jai Bhanushali became emotional due to Salman's bitter words, tears spilled from the eyes of the contestant

BB15 Update: Jay Bhanushali is a hugely popular artist in the TV industry. He has made a special mark among the audience with TV serials and reality shows. But he is not able to do anything amazing by coming to the Bigg Boss 15 house. As much as his big name is, those watching Bigg Boss thought he would give a tough fight to the other contestant stake in the show. But so far Jay Bhanushali is not doing anything that makes him feel like he can become the winner of the show. All the people who have been guests on the show so far took Jai to task, now the show’s host Salman Khan (Salman Khan) was also seen mirroring his game.

After the show’s fight with Pratik Sahajpal (Pratik Sehajpal), it seemed that Jay Bhanushali would make some splashes in Bigg Boss 15 (Bigg Boss 15), but in the following weeks, he strayed from his game. Salman Khan (Salman Khan) badly harassed Jai on ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’. Salman clearly told Jai that he was like an empty pitcher inside the house, which only rings. Salman mirrored Jai and said, ‘Inside Bigg Boss, he does not speak on any right issue. Even if you take a stand, it cools down in no time. They have no story at home’.

Jai looked somewhat emotional after Salman’s reprimand. You can see in this video that Jai wants to make his point, but Salman cuts his word and says, ‘Don’t say anything, where you have to say something, you don’t say it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t.’

Jay Bhanushali’s face was taken off by Salman Khan’s piercing words. Tears welled up in Jay’s eyes. Then, handling himself, Jai told Salman that he would now play his game freely.

It’s not that Salman Khan just took Jai to task, Salman reminded him of his popularity and said, ‘He can still win the hearts of his fans. So, let them present themselves in the show as they are outside.’

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