BB15 Written Update 18th November 2021: Bigg Boss gives non-VIPs a chance to take revenge in a new VIP task


BB15 Written Update 18th November 2021

BB15 Written Update 18th November 2021: Tables in Colors show Bigg Boss has really changed! The House has given VIP members an unusual new task where the winner will have high power in that elite club, and the ‘operators’ of this task will be none other than non-VIPs themselves! In a total of four rounds, four non-VIPs will act as ‘operators’ in one round each. Given how VIPs are treating them in the last episode, non-VIPs are ready to take their pounds.

In this task, Karan, Tejashwi, Vishal, Umar, and Nishant have to collect as much cotton and other items as possible in their basket before the buzzer rings. Two names with the lightest baskets will lose in that period. Neha judged the first round and dropped Tejashwi from the competition even though the reality was far from it. Tejashwi hurled abuses and assaults to go against Neha. But the real battle takes place in the next round with the Judge of Simmba. Karan tries to cheat by stealing goods from the previous round, but Pratik grabs him and throws the baskets around. Karan gets angry and shouts at him, “How did you turn out to be out of the Merco round?” The situation gets tense as they both turn violent and start pushing each other.

While others start removing them, Tejaswi tries to defend Karan. Pratik gets angry with him, “You keep quiet, okay?” Tejashwi retorted, “Who are you to keep me quiet?” Karan angrily went on to say, “I also see how this task is!” With fights all around, which non-VIP will win this round and gain special rights?

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