BB15 19th November 2021 Written Update: Neha Bhasin got violent with Nishant Bhat and Pratik Sehajpal


BB15 Written Update, Bigg Boss 15 spoiler alert: Neha Bhasin Nishant Bhat,

BB15 Written Update: The Bigg Boss 15 house will once again witness a big battle between Neha Bhasin, Nishant Bhat, and Pratik Sahajpal. In the ‘Tabla’ task, Bigg Boss announced that 2 VIPs will be demeaned and 2 non-VIPs will replace them.

In the kitchen area, Nishant asks Pratik to look into the kitchen case. Neha explains that it becomes difficult for a person to do kitchen duty. Pratik intervenes and Neha asks them to let the other person have his say. Pratik asks Neha to leave the house, to which Neha turns around and says, “You get out of this house. ”

Nishant loses his temper and breaks the stool by shouting at them. He says, “You guys have problems, go and talk outside. Neha and Nishant get into a heated exchange. They keep saying to each other, “You are not my master. Neha loses her temper by asking both of them not to talk like this. She finally pushes Pratik and then throws things into the bathroom

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