Bell Bottom Postponed: Akshay Kumar Movie Bell Bottom Release Date


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Bell Bottom Postponed: Akshay Kumar starrer Bell Bottom (directed by Ranjit Tiwari (whose 2017 jail-break drama Lucknow Central Blush Unseen) is now facing further delays in its unusually delayed-release. Akshay Kumar had happily announced the release of his trendy spying period film on July 27, 2021. By then the cinemas were expected to reopen.

But with the second wave of the Covid epidemic continuing and the third wave spreading across the country, it does not seem that cinemas will open this month or Even in August.

“The moratorium (bell-bottom) seemed inevitable. Cinemas are unlikely to reopen in July and August. The makers have two options. They can wait indefinitely or opt for a special OTT release,” a source close to the project explained, “the makers are now seriously considering the OTT option.”

How long can they wait? Even if theatres are allowed to open how many people would actually love to watch movies with top stars in theatres too? Another long-awaited source close to the suryavanshi said aloud.

It is different in America. The largely innocent and spotless public, F9 (the 9th film of the Fast and Furious franchise), is making a way for theatres screening The Crewa and Black Wido.

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