Bhoot Police Review: Radhe is much better then Bhoot Police


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Bhoot Police Review: Except for all carefully positive reviews, how bad is all sponsored, ghost police? It is difficult to say this. This work touches such unsolved peaks of stupidity that words are lacking.

The terrible and mediocre details touch the end of the story’s terrible inadequacy. If I say it was incredibly bad, I am only talking about Saif Ali Khan (Saif Ali Khan) who tries so much to be funny, it’s scary. I could have written a complete thesis on Mr. Khan’s ‘Bihari’ accent, being from Bihar, I have not heard anyone speak like this yet.

When we first meet brothers Vibhu (Khan) and Chiku (Kapoor), they are seen driving away from an ‘affluent woman. We soon realize that Ghost Police is a kind of ‘occupied’ horror-comedy where horror and comedy can easily exchange venues, no one will be sensible…

It is not that knowledge is so stupid for anything in the film. There is not a single moment in the ghost police that can be considered motivated even from a distance. Saif Ali Khan, in the worst performance of his career (yes, beating his early performances in Aashiq Awara and Aao Pyaar Kare too) makes his way through scenes that were probably fun for him.

They are nothing like that. Khan and Kapoor play each other like Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels present themselves as the silliest in Dumb & Dumber. Kapoor believes in ghosts Khan feels it’s all a show. They spend all the footage arguing over whether there are ghosts or not.

Oh, before I forget Jacqueline Fernandez and Play Yami Gautam as the distrustful and believer’s girlfriend. They are hardly in the film.

It’s hard to have fun moments in this sang, a fully developed collection of egos and crawling where fear is not just. And comedy is fun only if you are in a mood for laughter at any cost. The ghost police provide some hope for those of us who are asking for a little more. This is where things can get better.

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