Bigg Boss 15: Geeta Kapoor came out in support of Nishant Bhatt, What say about Tejashwi-Karan


Bigg Boss 15: Geeta Kapoor came out in support of Nishant Bhatt, said this about Tejashwi-Karan

Bigg Boss 15: Choreographer and India’s Best Dancer judge Geeta Kapoor has now come out in support of Bigg Boss 15 contestant Nishant Bhatt. Nishant Bhatt recently came under fire from trolls when he removed his friends Karan Kundra and Tejashwi Prakash from the VIP club. Nishant Bhatt was trolled for his decision, which Geeta Kapoor has now come out in support of.

Geeta Kapoor has supported Nishant saying that he is just playing games and should not be abused. He also asked fans not to have “blind followers.” Sharing a picture with Nishant, Geeta supported and praised his game plan. He posted a long caption arguing that he should not be targeted by the audience for his game.

Even though Geeta Kapoor did not mention Karan and Tejashwi in her post, fans were not late to guess who she was talking about at the end of her post. “Normally I ignore trolls, but I want to tell fans that it’s time for them to learn that a game is a game and it should be played!’

She writes: ‘Nishant stands with his friends and has always shown his loyalty. No matter who they are… Don’t say ‘nalla’ to him and don’t be a blind follower. There (they) were never in his favor, and if the tables were rotated, they would have done the same… So if they play, then they all play well and Nishu, then nalla #स्लोक्लैप.’

In fact, in the upcoming episode, Nishant will pull Karan Kundra and Stunning Prakash out of the VIP club after winning the task. Pratik Sahajpal and Simmba Nagpal will replace Karan and Tejashwi as new VIP members. Apart from Nishant, Omar Riaz and Vishal Kotiyan are also VIP members.

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