Bigg Boss 15: Jai Bhanushali-Pratik Sahajpal clash and house glasses shattered


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Bigg Boss 15: Riots have started between the participants (Contestants) in Bigg Boss 15. The upcoming episode will see a big fight between Jai Bhanushali and Pratik Sahajpal. There was also a scuffle between the two after tu-tu main-main. And amid the same fight, the glass of the house also broke.

The new promo shows Bigg Boss announced a new task that gives a map to ‘jungle dwellers that will play an important role in surviving the next few contestants in the forest. Pratik Sahajpal decides to steal that map and hides it. He has a fight with Jai Bhanushali over it.

All decide to go to the main house to find a jungle map. Looking for maps they pick up sofas, blankets, and beds. Meanwhile, Jai, let’s look out at the Pratik with the map. The symbol closes them and the fight between the two begins. Karan Kundra shout that the symbol, being physical, while all were working peacefully. In the middle of the story, the symbol grabs Jay’s collar.

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