Bigg Boss 15 Written Update 17 Nov 2021 Full Episode: Non-VIP family members are dominated by VIPs


Bigg Boss 15 spoiler alert: गैर-वीआईपी घरवालों पर वीआईपी का दबदबा

Bigg Boss 15 Written Update 17 Nov 2021 Full Episode: We saw a lot of drama and heartbreak in this weekend’s episode on Colors’ ‘Bigg Boss’! Shara fans were disappointed and shocked when host Salman Khan announced that Rakesh Bapat would not be back in the Bigg Boss house. The subsequent tremors continued to be felt, shamita feeling broken without her love on her behalf. Despite being sympathetic to him, Vishal feels satisfied with Rakesh’s absence to benefit his game.

In a real Bigg Boss style, the seeds of a ‘Dangal’ were sown when ‘Daraar’ came among the housemates as they were divided into VIPs and non-VIPs! As he rightly says, with great strength comes great responsibility. VIP members of Colors’ ‘Bigg Boss’ were given the power to run the house at their will! The play came to light when VIPs dominated their families by plotting to postpone their actions on non-VIP housewives, causing disappointment and annoyance! A rebellion is in the works because non-VIP members are ready to reverse them!

Karan wins and says, “He will make our food the same, he will clean us, he will clean our bathrooms!” Enraged by his behaviour, Jai gets angry with him, “The spirit of human beings is known when power comes in hand!” Pratik clearly declares that he is not a slave to anyone and will not dance to their tunes. Tejashwi retorted that he has no choice but to listen to vip orders. Jay tells Karan that he doesn’t like his accent but later threatens that he (the housemates) have more than one way to obey his commands. How will non-VIPs manage? Only time will tell!

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