Bigg Boss OTT: Urfi Javed gets angry with Divya Agarwal as soon as she leaves the show


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Bigg Boss OTT on VOOT: This Sunday’s first elimination took place from the reality show Bigg Boss OTT. Tv actress Urfi Javed was rendered homeless from home in this first elimination. She tried her best to entertain the audience in the show’s first week but failed to make herself in Bigg Boss OTT. Now that he left the show, Urfi Javed has talked a lot about Bigg Boss OTT and its contestants.

Urfi Javed spoke to the English website Times Now Digital after leaving Bigg Boss OTT. In the meantime, he described his elimination as shocking. Urfi Javed has also expressed his anger over Zeeshan Khan and Divya Agarwal. He has termed Divya Agarwal as fake. Urfi Javed said, ‘I find Divya Agarwal to be a very bad person. There are some more on the mouth and something else behind the back. ‘

Urfi Javed said Divya Agarwal does evil behind her back. She said, ‘Which one did I snatch Varun (Divya Agarwal’s boyfriend) from him? Which one did I put on her boyfriend? I was doing evil to me. Apart from this, Urfi Javed has made many more revelations about Bigg Boss OTT and its contestants.

Earlier Urfi Javed claimed that obscene work has been done on the show. Pratik Sahajpal is shocked to hear this. A video is going viral on social media. In it, alias Javed is seen saying that there has been an obscene act on the show and it has happened for about 2 hours. This shocks Pratik Sahajpal. He also said that he does not know whether the makers of Bigg Boss have shown you this or not.

Bigg Boss OTT is hosted by Karan Johar. It will be shown online for a month and a half. The show will then hit tv. A video is going viral on social media. In it, Alias Javed is seen talking to the camera. She is saying that there have been obscene acts on the show. Pratik Sahajpal is shocked to hear him speak. On this, Pratik Urfi says to Javed, ‘What is it saying? ‘

She then says she has seen two monkeys performing obscene acts on camera. Urfi tells the audience about it, ‘As I told you. There has been an obscene act. Bigg Boss in the OTT house. I don’t know if you must have been shown. Pratik Sahajpal says, “What else does The Alias say, ‘Everyone knows this. I didn’t want to tell you what. Symbol were you sleeping. When all this was happening here, two monkeys were indulging in obscene acts here. No one saw it. ‘

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