Chiranjeevi: Kalta to Mohan Raja in Chiranjeevi movie?


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Chiranjeevi: Director Mohan Raja was all set to remake the Malayalam movie Lucifer in Telugu starring Telugu actor Chiranjeevi. But reports from Hyderabad say that she has decided to change him from the film.

Lucifer is a Malayalam movie directed by Prithviraj and scripted by Murali Gopi. Mohanlal’s Ultimate Heroic Movie. Prithviraj made his mark as a director in the first film. The film grossed over Rs 150 crore. They are currently trying to create the second part of Lucifer.

Ram Charan, who thought it would be better to cast his father Chiranjeevi in ​​the Telugu remake of Lucifer, bought the rights to its Telugu remake. The plan is to start this remake after the completion of Acharya, who is currently starring Chiranjeevi. SAHO sought out many like director Sujeet and VV Vinayak and eventually signed Mohan Raja who bought his doctorate in the remake. Ram Charan and Chiranjeevi expected some changes in the screenplay of the film to suit Telugu politics.

But Mohan Raja could not fulfill it and therefore, they have decided to change him, says the Telugu film industry. The film is a hit as long as Lucifer is on display. Mohan Raja is the right choice for it.

In a couple of days, it will be known whether Mohan Raja is inside or outside.

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