Juhi Chawla: First the plant was planted, then the girl said such a thing about the lack of oxygen, that the video is going viral


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Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla recently shared a video on Instagram. In this video, a girl is appealing to people to plant more and more trees. While sharing the video, Juhi wrote, “Baby, we are most upset and I think she is right. We all need to think about planting trees.” Please tell that due to Corona virus infection at this time, patients are in need of oxygen.

In the video, the girl said, “At this time we are all troubled by the lack of oxygen. In such a situation, we all need to plant more and more trees. You are not right for yourself but for your children, plant the girl. The girl further said , “We have to be aware and think about keeping the environment safe. We are going through a situation right now. In such a situation, it is very important to plant trees around you for the coming tomorrow. “Let us know that more than 72 thousand people have seen this video so far.

Users gave their feedback

Users are also seen expressing their reaction after watching the video. One user wrote, “The girl is absolutely right. We all need to pay attention to this.” Another user wrote, “We should also make people aware not to cut trees.” At the same time, a user praised the girl and said, “At such a young age you said a very big thing.” Let us know that this video is now going viral very fast on social media.

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