GHKKPM 16th Dec Written Update Update: Virat returned home, now will Sai get the answer to his questions


GHKKPM 16th Dec Update: Virat returned home, now will Sai get the answer to his questions

GHKKPM 16th Dec Written Update Update: Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein Update On Tuesday, December 16, Virat is in the process of leaving the hotel. He doesn’t ask Shruti to trust anyone in the hotel with his eyes closed. Shruti tells her that she has come here relying on Virat. Virat tells her thanks and goes to fetch her bags. Shruti apologizes to Virat for harassing him. Virat says in a lighter vein that he is disturbed by Shruti’s questions.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein showed that the emperor calls Virat again and again. Patralekha asks him if Virat is in any danger. The emperor asks Patralekha if she realized it now because she was criticizing and trying to prove her wrong. Patralekha constantly criticizes Sai. Pakhi says that even after Virat’s warning, Sai called the DIG directly last time and stopped his transfer. Patralekha then starts shouting at the emperor.

Patralekha says Virat is not like her husband who left her behind and started a new relationship and returned home after 1 year. The emperor is saddened to hear all this. He gets angry at the same time. The emperor asks Patralekha to repeat the reason behind what happened. Here, Sai is constantly worried about Virat and falls asleep on the couch. Ashwini feels bad to see Sai in such a situation.

Suddenly Sai realizes to be around Virat. Virat is entering the house and runs to the door and hugs him. Ashwini prays for the happiness and safety of her children. Ashwini says she knew Virat would be welcomed like this. Ashwini prays that Sai and Virat stay like husband and wife. Sai asks Virat why he didn’t make the call. Bhavani is also happy to see Virat and blesses him.

The emperor is also happy to see Virat and asks him if his mission was successful. Virat says disappointed that he killed Sadanand under the mission. On the other hand, Sai notices that Virat does not have a defense thread in his hands. She asks Virat about it. He shows him Molly and says it has saved his life. Sai thanks God that Virat returned home safely. It will be interesting to see in the upcoming episode whether Sai asks Virat all the questions in his mind.

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