Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 10 July 2021 Written Update: Spoilers Alert, Today Episode


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 10 July 2021 Written Update: At the beginning of the episode, Ashwini is humming the song. Bhavani says the program is over but she is still in the same mood. Sai comes there and says good morning, but everyone except Ashwini ignores her. Bhavani tells Ninad that he should take care otherwise his head will be in the air after Sain’s last victory. Patralekha says what else can they expect from Sain.

Bhavani says dance and awards are one thing but they cannot forget how she called them there. Sai is about to say something but Ashwini hums and stops her. She asks Sain if there is a recording of her dance. Sain says his friends recorded his and Virat’s dance and uploaded it on social media. Ashwini asks her to share with her. She tells Sain that she is proud of her. Sain says he misses dancing but cannot continue in Gadchiroli. Sain says that if she gets a good teacher, she wants to start learning dance again.

Ninad says he will never forgive Sain for his actions. Bhavani says what would have happened if she had suffered a heart attack, but Sain says these are small things for her heart. Bhavani scolds him but Shivani asks him to keep quiet. Sain says his plan finally worked. Omkar and Sonali say this girl can do anything. Ninad says he will die before dancing to the tune of sain.

Sonali tells Ashwini that she has spoiled Sain very lovingly and Karisma is also learning from Sain. Shivani asks everyone to stop arguing.

Shivani asks Sain to join the dance class. Ninad says it is not good for the family image and he forbids Sain for it. Mansi and Ashwini support Sain. Ninad says she can stop her studies and dance only. Bhavani says whoever lives in this house should follow its rules. Sain asks Bhavani if she likes her performance but she rejects her.

Ninad says he cannot live under the roof like a sain. Mansi asks them to calm down. Bhavani says she too will leave the house and return only when Sain leaves. Omkar also gets ready to go with them. Ashwini asks them to calm down and asks where they will stay. Ninad says he will stay in his farmhouse. Omkar says repair work is going on in the farmhouse. Ninad says he will go now. Omkar is worried but Ninad says someone will stop them. Ninad asks Shivani to pack her luggage but Sai asks her to go the same without anything. They are stunned.

Bhavani says they are leaving and informing Virat. Sain says there is no need to include Virat as she can deal with him herself. Sain says she knows how to explain and spoil children like her. She says they fight with her like schoolchildren and they never went to school.

Sonali says she herself is a baby girl as her brain stopped developing after age. Omkar says he does not need his permission to do anything. Sain asks Shivani to close the door.
Sain tells them that she will not change unless they change their double standards. Ashwini tells her not to expect that from them.

Bhavani asks Ashwini to bring three cups of tea to her room, but Sain says it is not allowed in this house, so she should drink tea here. She asks Ashwini to add extra sugar to the tea so that it can be sweetened.

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