Grahan Web Series Review: The truth of the 1984 riots ended, Spoilers Alert, Watch on Disney Hotstar


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Grahan Web Series Review: India is home to followers of religions around the world, which is why it is ashamed that its politics is also around religion. When India became independent in 1947, freedom fighters dreamt that people of all religions would live peacefully and bring glory to the earth. Over time, this dream also faded, and in the years to come, religion has been beaten several times. The 1984 Sikh riots are important in the riots in the name of religion. In the 84 riots, many innocent Sikhs were publicly killed. Who was behind these riots and at whose behest innocent Sikhs were slaughtered like animals are really hidden in the layers of time? Disney Plus Hotstar’s Grahan tells the story of these riots.

Grahan Web Series Story

Grahan Web Series Review

Director Ranjan Chandel’s web series Grahan revolves around Ranchi SP Amrita Singh, who is responsible for investigating the 1984 anti-Sikh riots in Bokaro. When Amrita starts an investigation, she learns that the riots were led by a man named Rishi Ranjan, who has now changed his name. Rishi Ranjan is now living in the name of Gursevak Singh, his father. Why has Rishi alias Gursevak been silent for years? What secret has he hidden in his chest related to the 1984 riots? This is what the web series Grahan describes

Grahan Web Series Important Details

The Grahan begins with a very hard-to-do style and the first two episodes go out in the blink of an eye. The director has fabricated the story in such a way that the curiosity to know from the first episode increases what is going to happen next. Boxer Adadara Zoya Hussain has played a pivotal role in the Grahan. He has proved with his performance that he is capable of doing effective work if good stories are found.

Anshuman Pushkar plays jawan Gursevak Singh alias Rishi in the Grahan. He was spotted in the Kanthamandu connection a few days ago. Anshuman Pushkar has been shocked by his expressions in the Grahan. Wamiqa Gabbi plays Rishi’s girlfriend Manu in the series who plays her character. Noted artist Pawan Malhotra cannot be forgotten among the young star cast. Pawan Malhotra is the star of Indian cinema whose shine is not the charm of stardom. He has also given a great performance in the Grahan.

Coming to the technical side of the Grahan, the manufacturers have beautifully presented two different times. The makers have resorted to special color tones to show the time of 1984, making the series even more effective. Kamaljit Singh’s camerawork adds four moons to the Grahan.

Grahan Web Series Trailer

Grahan Web Series Negative Points

Konkona Sen Sharma’s Anu (2005) and Sara Ali Khan-Veer Das’s October 31 (2015) did talk about the 1984 riots, but nothing much was ever presented by Bollywood on these riots. India has now stepped in 2021 and it is important to discuss the mistakes made by the country so that the new generation knows what mistakes our society has made. Grahan takes necessary steps in this direction but fails to overcome cinematic obstacles.

The story of the Grahan is necessary, but it is equally important to decide in how long the story can be shown. If a story is written with a target of making an 8-episode series, there will definitely be some scenes that will be of zero importance. If the makers had limited the episodes of the series, the impact would have increased further.

Final Decision

Disney Plus Hotstar’s web series Grahan is based on noted language writer Satya Vyas’s famous novel Chaurasi Hindi. The writers have taken some creative freedom to serve this elbow in a cinematic tone but it has not had a negative impact. The Grahan obviously shows that directors should not hesitate to serve famous stories of Indian languages on screen. The directors who complain that we don’t have good stories, the Grahan works by locking their mouths. Grahan is a great and important story that should be seen first. We give 3 stars to the Grahan on our behalf.

Grahan Web Series Rating

  • Web Series Name: Grahan
  • Cast names: Zoya Hussain, Pawan Malhotra, Anshuman Pushkar, Wamiqa Gabbi
  • Director’s Name: Ranjan Chandel
  • How to See Grahan Web Series: Disney Plus Hotstar
  • Rating: ***

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