Happy Birthday CarryMinati: Ajay Nagar Top Videos, CarryMinati unknown Facts


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Happy Birthday CarryMinati: Today is the birthday of creator CarryMinati, the largest person in the Indian YouTube community. The real name of the CarryMinati is Ajey Nagar.

Ajay Nagar was born on June 12, 1999, and is 22 years old today. He was born and brought up in Faridabad, Haryana.

He has completed his senior secondary education. During his 12th board exam, he became very nervous about his economics exam and then decided to drop the year. He later appeared for the 12th examination through Distance Education.

In May 2020, his roast video titled “YouTube Vs TikTok – The End” sparked controversy over YouTube India. The video was removed from YouTube YouTube because of cyberbullying and harassment.

CarryMinati Youtube Videos (Happy Birthday CarryMinati)

Happy Birthday CarryMinati, Happy Birthday Ajay Nagar.


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