Happy Birthday The Rock: Dwayne Johnson stepped into wrestling to get out of tension, then famous as ‘The Rock’


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Happy Birthday The Rock: Dwayne Johnson stepped into wrestling to get out of tension, then famous as ‘The Rock’: Today is the birthday of Dwayne Johnson, a wrestler-turned-Hollywood actor. Those who want him are in millions, not in millions. He has fans all over the world. The interesting thing is that most people know Dwayne Johnson by the name ‘The Rock’. He became famous in the world of wrestling by this name. May 2 means that today is his birthday. Apart from wrestling, acting, he is also famous for his amazing deal and looks. Today we tell you some special things related to them.

Everyone knows that Dwayne was famous in wrestling before appearing in films. However, the reason for his arrival in wrestling is quite interesting. According to media reports, Dwayne became a wrestler due to depression. Dwayne himself said this on Oprah Winfrey’s show. Dwayne told that when he must have been 20 years old, he used to play for the American football team Calgary Stampeders. When he was expelled from the team, he went into depression. To fight depression, the actor caught the path of wrestling.

Actually, Dwayne had been playing American football since the age of four in Canada. He went into depression upon his removal from the team. After this, Dwayne said in the interview, ‘It seems that you are alone and all this is happening only with you. The biggest thing is that you have to understand that you are not alone, with which something bad is happening, nor are you the last.
Dwayne further says, ‘Six weeks later my coach told me to come back to the team, but I refused. My father said that I am making the biggest mistake of my career by doing this. But that probably proved to be the best decision of my career, because, after football, wrestling came into my life.

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