Imlie 25 August 2021 Written Update: Shocking, Imlie criticised in Tripathi’s house


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Imlie 25 August 2021 Written Update: Star Plus’ show Imlie, produced by Gul Khan’s 4 Lions Films, sees the major drama in which Malini is trying to trap Imlie in every possible way and get her out of Tripathi’s house. In his latest attempt, Tamarind gets caught up in buying the wrong medicines from the chemist’s shop and giving it to Malini in front of all the family members.

Malini will get the wrong drug reaction and she will have to suffer. He will have difficulty breathing, his face will turn yellow. The whole family will be terrified and the doctor will be called.

Malini will survive, but Imlie will be severely accused of the same.

Aditya will not be able to openly take Tamarind’s side as everything happened before his eyes. However, he will go to the chemist’s shop to find evidence. He will watch CCTV footage and see Imli in a happy area when she is at the chemist’s shop. He will trust Imlie but does not know how to stand with him.

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