Jersey Fame Nani and his son dancing on Marathi song Zingaat And video goes viral Bhojpuri Song


Superstar Nani became a child with 4-year-old son, people watching the dance went viral VIDEO

Jersey Fame Nani’s Viral Video: You always listen to the Bollywood Starkid talk but here we are introducing you to the baby of South Indian superstar Nani (Nani). Nani is a well-known star in the Telugu industry (Telugu Industry) and has gained popularity all over India through ‘Jersey’ (Jersey). Recently Telugu star Nani shared a video with her son Arjun (Arjun Ghanta) which is going viral on social media (Social Media viral post). In this, you can see the magnificent bonding of father and son. In this clip, Nani has also become a child with 4-year-old Arjun himself. They are both seen dancing to the popular Marathi song ‘Jing Jing Jingat’ (jing jing jingat).

This video of Nani (Telugu Star Nani) is being loved and has been watched by more than 5 00,000 people so far. Not for the first time since Nani shared a post with her son, she has shared her cuteness with fans several times before. Granny always takes some time out to stay with her family at home despite being busy with the shooting schedule. Nani married her girlfriend Anjana Yelavarti (Anjana Yelavarthy) in October 2012 and the two became parents in 2017.

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