Kangana Ranaut now raised questions on the partition of India, said- ‘We are disrespecting the freedom fighters?’


Kangana Ranaut now raised questions on the partition of India, said- 'We are disrespecting the freedom fighters?'

Kangana Ranaut gives a thousand arguments again if she has to make a thousand arguments to correct what she says. When people trolled him on social media after recently making a statement of ‘freedom in begging’, he asked for the Padma Shri (Padma Shri) honour to be returned, but he fired some questions to return the honour. He bluntly said that if my point was proved wrong, I would return the honour and apologise. After the announcement, he has again shared a long wide post, which is going viral.

Kangana Ranaut statement has created a ruckus. People are trolling them. A complaint has been lodged against them in many parts of the country. Kangana has again asked several questions in her post. He asked, “If the British committed crimes, did we make a case?” Did we take any action against those who divided the country? Kangana’s long wide post is now going viral on social media. This post is liked by their fans.

Britain does not reimburse India

Kangana Ranaut shared a screenshot of a 2015 article by the British media body BBC. Kangana wrote, ‘This is an article published by the BBC in 2015, arguing that the UK does not make any reimbursement Russert for India. Now, why and how can these white colonists or their sympathy get away with such nonsense in today’s world? If you try to find out, the answer is in my Times Now Summit statement (where Kangana made a statement begging freedom).

Blamed the British for countless crimes?

He added, ‘This is because our nation builders have not blamed the British for countless crimes committed in India, from looting the wealth of our country to brutally killing our freedom fighters, dividing our country into two parts, for countless crimes committed in times of independence.’

He was once tried in independent Indian courts

Kangana Ranaut further wrote in her long post, ‘After World War II, the British left India on their terms. Winston Churchill was awarded as a war hero at that time. He was the same person who was responsible for the Bengal famine. Was he ever tried in the courts of independent India for crimes committed by the British? So the answer will not be’.

Panga Girl didn’t stop there he further said that Cyril Radcliffe, an English white man who had never visited India before, was brought to India by the British to draw the line of partition in just 5 weeks. Both the Congress and the Muslim League were members of the committee that set the terms of the dividing line drawn by the British, resulting in the death of nearly one million people. Now tell me whether the tragic death toll has been liberated?

Who is responsible for the post-partition massacre?

Kangana further added, ‘What the British or the Congress, who agreed with the dividing line. Not responsible for the post-partition massacre? On behalf of our first Prime Minister, Shri Jawaharlal Nehru, there is a letter to the British Emperor on 28 April 1948 requesting British approval for the appointment of the then Governor-General of West Bengal as the Governor-General of India. (The letter can be found in the second image of my post) If there is any such letter, do you believe that Congress tried to hold the British accountable for their crimes? If so, please explain how wrong I say.

Freedom fighters are disrespected!

Kangana said at the end of her post, ‘Did the freedom fighters who laid down their lives for independent India know that the British and our nation-builders would divide undivided India into two parts, resulting in the massacre of 10 lakh people? After all, I want to conclude by saying that even if we do not hold the British responsible for the innumerable crimes committed in India, we are still disrespecting our freedom fighters.’ Jai Hind.

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