Kangana Ranaut quarantined herself as Corona positive, said- this virus has to be defeated


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Kangana Ranaut COVID Positive: Bad news is coming for the fans of Bollywood’s Kangana. Kangana COVID is positive and has quarantined herself. Kangana, who was banned on Twitter, posted this news to her fans on Instagram. Kangana wrote I am feeling very tired. For the last few days, my eyes are also burning. I got my test done yesterday, whose result has come today. I am corona positive. I have quarantined myself. I do not know where this virus came from in my body, but I know that now I will eradicate it. ‘

Kangana further wrote, ‘I also tell you that don’t let any power dominate you. If you get scared then it will scare you more. Let’s end this virus together. Everywhere Shiva…

Kangana Ranaut fiercely attacked hoarders

Kangana said that ‘India does not need much oxygen, it needs the fear of God. Shame on these vultures. ”In her second post, Kangana wrote that there are so many thieves in this country, not human beings need oxygen.

Kangna did not stop even after FIR

Let us tell you that for the last few days, Kangana has been struggling with problems, first her Twitter account was later, TMC leader made an FIR against Kangana. . Kangana has been posting many posts related to Bengal violence on her Instagram stories. Riju Dutta of Trinamool Congress had lodged an FIR against Kangana against these posts. Now Kangana is constantly reacting to this.

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