Kumkum bhagya 1 Dec 2021 Written Update: Prachi is about to become a mother, knowing this Ranbir will marry Riya


Kumkum bhagya 1 Dec 2021 Written Update, Kumkum bhagya 29th Nov Update: Prachi is about to become a mother, knowing this Ranbir will marry Riya

Kumkum bhagya 1 Dec 2021 Written Update: Kumkum Bhagya (Kumkum Bhagya 1 Dec update) showed on 1 December that Prachi discovers that she is going to be a mother. He remembers the time of the past when Ranbir expresses his excitement about becoming a father. Prachi recalls that Ranbir had three desires. First marrying Prachi, the second becoming the father of a daughter, and the third leading your startup. Then Prachi remembers Ranbir’s words about how he spoke about his character. Prachi feels sad that she is going to be a mother and her marriage is broken.

Ranbir doesn’t look good in Kumkum Bhagya. Pallavi tells her about the wedding date. Pallavi asks Ranbir for Sid’s number. He says he doesn’t have a number. Pallavi takes Sid’s number from Vikram. Ranbir and Prachi miss each other. Pallavi calls Sid. Sid says he doesn’t know who Pallavi is. Vikram reprimands Sid for disrespecting him and asks him to cremate him if he remembers the blood relationship. Pallavi says she has called to tell you that Ranbir and Riya are getting married and stay away from both of them.

Riya worries that Sid may create a problem in her marriage. Shaina calls Riya and says she is with her in difficult times. Riya tells Shaina that she is getting married to Ranbir. Sid sees that Prachi is getting. He asks if he has also come to know about the news. She thinks about her pregnancy and says she doesn’t understand whether it’s good news or bad news.

Sid says Riya and Ranbir are getting married and a chapter will close after that. Prachi faints on hearing this news. When Prachi regains consciousness, Sid asks her why she fainted. Prachi tells her the news of pregnancy. Sid and Sushma congratulate him. Sid wants to tell Pallavi, Vikram, and Ranbir but Sushma stops him.

While Shaina approaches Riya, Pallavi asks Shaina to help Riya. She also says that Riya did not want to marry Sid but she did not have a choice as Ranbir was married. Dida listens to these things and asks Riya to tell the whole story. Now the point to watch in the serial will be whether Ranbir will marry Riya after knowing about Prachi’s pregnancy.

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  1. ranbir please you don’t marry rhea
    ranbir that pranchi she is pregnant ranbir please try to understand that what i am saying for you ranbir you do it.
    sushma why talk like that to pranchi
    sushma please you don’t hurt pranchi please if you do like this to pranchi.
    sushma you don’t make upest for pranchi please i don’t like it sushma not good for health for you sushma please say sorry for pranchi she will not do anything for you sushma you can do it.


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