Kumkum bhagya 14th July 2021 Written Update Hindi – Pragya auctions again in Today Episode, Spoilers Alert


Kumkum bhagya 14th July 2021 Written Update

Kumkum bhagya 14th July 2021 Written Update: At the beginning of the episode, everyone congratulates Abhi as they feel he is Mr. Saluja. That’s when a man standing there thinks he doesn’t look like Mr. Saluja. So a woman standing there tells her that she may have sent someone else in her place. When Pragya and Sushma go to congratulate him they find out that he is Abhi. Pragya asks her why she is here in Mr. Saluja’s get up. She tells her that he has created them. Abhi tells him that he is not cheating them.

He tells him that he doesn’t care if someone gives him a lecture but when someone challenges him, he doesn’t accept it and has won that challenge. He says he is still the same angry Pragya. He tells her that he loved her anger but now it makes her angry. She asked him why she wanted to take revenge on him.

He tells Sushma why he understands why she hates her as he is worried for Pragya but, once she finds out how worried she is for Pragya her way of looking at her will change. He tells Pragya that he has seen a demo of her potential so that he can spoil her plan whenever she wants. Then he leaves Mr. Saluja’s clothes there. Pragya says she failed again because of her. Then Sushma says don’t worry.

Sushma decided to conduct the auction again and invited everyone. Meanwhile, Siddharth called Ranbir to talk to Prachi. He tells him why he always harassed them. That’s when Prachi takes the phone and talks to her. Later, they were getting romantic with each other but their landlady came to ask for some Chinese. Ranbir asks Prachi when he can find some time in peace alone where Siddharth is not there and no one wants sugar or anything else from him.

The auction has resumed. Alia and Tanu reach Mehra Haveli to stop the auction. Alia has called her secretary and asked him to bring some papers. Then she arrived with the paper that Alia has asked her to bring. Then they both go in and Tanu shouts that there will be no auction here and this property is not going to sell. Pragya is shocked to see him.

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