Kundali bhagya 10 July 2021 Written Update: Shocking statement of the Prithvi in Today Episode, Spoilers Alert


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Kundali bhagya 10 July 2021 Written Update: At the beginning of the episode, Preeta asks Prithvi how she found out that the accident had happened to the truck. Prithvi tells him that Kritika has told him about these things. And Kritika must have been told by Kareena. Preeta wants to know why she didn’t bring Kritika with her. Before Prithvi could say anything, he gets a call. He leaves. Rishabh asks the nurse if Sherlyn is fine. She says no and says she is bleeding a lot.

Rishabh gets nervous and Karan consoles him. Prithvi calls Mahira and talks to her about what had happened. Mahira lies that she knows nothing and is at her mother’s house anyway. Prithvi thinks he has to teach Mahira a lesson. Rakhi and Mahesh come to the hospital. The Prithvi leads them to Sherlyn’s room. Rakhi cries hugging Preeta and asks her if her Sherlyn is fine.

That’s when the doctor comes and tells the Luthra family that Sherlyn is in a very bad condition. Rakhi, Preeta, and the rest of the family pray for Sherlyn. Tears welled up in Rishabh’s eyes. The Prithvi is also worried. Sherlyn is having difficulty breathing and doctors are trying to improve her condition. Rakhi says she is quite nervous. Dadi assured him that everything would be fine.

Kareena tells Rakhi that the atmosphere in the hospital is bad and that is why she starts getting thoughts in her mind. Preeta sees that the lamp of the temple is about to be extinguished but she stops it. But when Rakhi and Kareena leave, Diya has extinguished again. Preeta gets frustrated. The doctor tells Rakhi that Sherlyn is fine but she could not save her child.

The Luthra family is saddened to know this. Rakhi is stunned. Rakhi comes to the room she prepared for Sherlyn’s baby. Seeing the toys lying there, she starts crying. Preeta is also saddened to see Rakhi crying and she consoles her. Preeta wants Rakhi not to be unhappy as everything will be fine. Kareena sees Rakhi and Preeta together. Rakhi asks Preeta how all this happened.

She adds that she lovingly designed this room for Rishabh’s child. She explains how she and Mahesh used to see pictures of young children. She thought Sherlyn would have a daughter and she would play with her all day but it won’t happen now because they have lost the light of this house and it won’t come back now. Kareena is quite upset to see Rakhi’s health deteriorating. Sherlyn’s mother comes to see her.

Sherlyn is sitting in her room in a sad state. Her mother tells her that all will be fine over time. Her mother says she will soon become a mother again. Sherlyn asks where the Prithvi is. Then he comes there. They embraced Sherlyn. He tells that he was very worried for him. Sanjana tries to convince Sherlyn that Prithvi is not right for her but she does not listen to one of hers. Later Prithvi says that it was good that the child left. Sherlyn is surprised.

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