Kundali bhagya 11 July 2021 Written Update Hindi: Sherlyn wants revenge in Today Episode, Spoilers Alert


Kundali bhagya, 11 July 2021, Written Update

Kundali bhagya 11 July 2021 Written Update Hindi: At the beginning of the episode, Prithvi tells Sherlyn that if the child had come into this world he would have harassed her, it would have been better if he left the world. Sherlyn gets shocked and says that someone has killed her child and he is saying such things. Prithvi understands what he says and feels guilty that he says something like that. Sherlyn says whoever kills her child should be punished. She tells Prithvi that she wants revenge and that Prithvi will take revenge. The Prithvi says ok.

He then comes to the killer. He attacks her and asks her how he tried to kill Sherlyn. The killer says he has done nothing. The Prithvi does not listen to one of his. He beats her constantly. The killer tells her that the girl who lives with Sherlyn had tried to kill Sherlyn. He further tells her how Sherlyn wanted to push Preeta but the girl with Sherlyn pushed her and the accident happened.

Prithvi shows him a photo of Mahira. He informs her that this is the same girl. The Prithvi leaves. Here Kareena comes to Dadi. Grandma is sad to see her crying. She tells Dadi how Rakhi was crying. Dadi knows that Rakhi is deeply saddened by the loss of the child. Preeta comes there. Dadi says she won’t take medicine today. Kareena insists that she has to take the medicine. She adds that she should not be so emotional when she sees her tears that she does not take medicine at all.

Preeta explains to them that all will be fine with time. Kareena goes to Preeta and asks her to plan a baby so that Khushi can return to their house. Dadi agrees with Kareena. She also tells Preeta that she and Karan love each other so they should plan a child so that Rakhi’s condition also improves. Preeta sees. Here the Prithvi comes home. Kritika asks her why she is so upset.

The Prithvi leaves without saying anything. Sanjana asks Kritika to go to Bani’s room as Bani is calling her. Sanjana further warns the Prithvi to move away from Sherlyn’s life. But Prithvi does not listen to one of hers and asks her to move away from her and Sherlyn. He says he is very angry right now so he should not argue with him. Sanjana asks if she knows who tried to harm Sherlyn.

Prithvi replied yes. He then leaves and Sanjana wonders what would happen if Prithvi’s actions put Sherlyn in trouble. Here Karan sees that Preeta is unhappy. He goes to him and caresses him. Preeta tells her that Rakhi is in a bad condition. She says she should return happiness to Rakhi. She says she wants to be a mother.

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