Kundali bhagya 14 July 2021 Written Update Hindi: Mahira leaves Luthra’s house in Today Episode


Kundali bhagya 14 July 2021 Written Update

Kundali bhagya 14 July 2021 Written Update Hindi: At the beginning of the episode, Prithvi asks everyone why they are not saying anything. Don’t they want to know why Mahira has done it? Sarla tells Prithvi that Mahira is a very good friend of Sherlyn so why would she do so? Rishabh angrily says that he will not leave it if it turns out to be a lie. Mahira wants to open the kingdom of the Prithvi. But Prithvi makes a move and confronts her that she wants to say that she and Sherlyn are having an affair. But there is nothing like that, they are just good friends because he saved her life.

He also says that he can prove Mahira wrong. He has CCTV footage. He shows everyone how Mahira pushed Sherlyn. Rishabh questions him as to why he did it. Mahira says she has not done anything like that. She wants to tell everyone that Prithvi was the father of Sherlyn’s child but Rakhi slaps her and advises her to keep quiet. Sherlyn also comes there and says Mahira hates them all so she has done all this to make them sad.

Rishabh asks him to leave the house. Mahira tries to explain everything to Karan but Sarla tells Karan that they should not give her any more chances as she knows Mahira can do it because she has a lot of anger and hatred in her heart. Sanjana announces that she will take Sherlyn from here if they don’t let her out of the house. Dadi decided that she would not let Sherlyn out of the house and Mahira would leave the house.

Sarla is about to say something but Mahira stops her midway. Karan advises him to leave this house. Mahira gets depressed and leaves. Kritika believes that Prithvi is a very good person because he has brought Sherly n’s sinner to the fore. Prithvi claims that she is very worried about this family so she has done all this. Sherlyn adds that she should marry Prithvi and Kritika so that happiness can return to their home.

Dadi asks Preeta to bring the wedding card so that she can give it to Sarla and Sanjana. Preeta further hits Mahira. Mahira threatens her that she will take revenge on them all. First, she will bring the truth of the Prithvi to the fore and then teach Preeta a lesson. Srishti comes there and asks her to leave this house quietly.

Mahira leaves the house. The Prithvi comes to him. He tells him that he has arranged a taxi for him so that he can now go. Mahira threatens her that she will not leave her. Prithvi advises him to move away from his life otherwise he will kill him. Mahira decides that she will punish the Prithvi very soon.

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