Kundali bhagya 20 July 2021 Written Update Hindi: Good news for the Luthra family in today Episode


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Kundali bhagya 20 July 2021 Written Update Hindi: At the beginning of the episode, Preeta stands up and wakes Karan up too. She says it’s seven o’clock and she told her he would help her so she had to get up now. But Karan doesn’t even get up when he calls loudly. Preeta gets angry that she believed Karan’s words. He hit him with the ball in anger. Karan thinks he has to complain to Rakhi about him. Preeta opens the bathroom door and asks her if she said anything. He refused.

Rakhi is sitting here alone. Kritika comes to her and tries to please her by seeing her sad face. She asks her to forget the old things and make a new beginning. Rakhi agreed. Sherlyn is getting ready in her room. Kareena praised him. She tells her that she should walk down so that everyone knows how well she has prepared the house. Kareena also says that she will do anything for Sherlyn’s happiness.

Preeta is doing housework. She is about to fall but Karan takes over her. The two share romantic moments. That’s when Panditji comes there and tells Karan and Preeta that a new guest is coming to their house soon. Sherlyn gets frustrated as Preeta has done all the work once again. Kareena consoled him. Preeta wonders when Mahesh will come. Karan says he will be there soon. Sameer goes to call Mahesh.

Then the aarti of God begins. Everyone performs the aarti of God. Sherlyn and Kareena see Preeta not giving Sherlyn a chance to do anything related to the house. Even when Sherlyn sees Mahesh feeling uncomfortable, she is going to take medicine for her but Preeta already gives Mahesh water and medicine. Sherlyn gets upset. While everyone else wished Dadi a happy birthday.

Rakhi says preeta has done all the work on Dadi’s birthday. Kareena said Sherlyn has also made all the preparations. Dadi reports that her father used to celebrate her birthday like this. Preeta says she came to know about all this from her friend. She also brings her ever because when Grandma was young she used to cut ghevar like a cake. Dadi cuts a cake with Preeta which leaves Kareena and Sherlyn disappointed.

Then everyone starts dancing. Sherlyn tells Kareena that she has done all this too. Kritika listens to her and asks her not to mind and suggests that she too join in their happiness. Also, Kareena asks Preeta to bring a grandmother’s gift. Preeta is about to leave but she gets dizzy and falls. The Luthra family is happy when they discover that Preeta is pregnant.

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