Kundali bhagya 23 July 2021 Written Update Hindi: Sherlyn tries to injure Preeta in today Episode, Spoilers Alert


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Kundali bhagya 23 July 2021 Written Update Hindi: At the beginning of the episode, Prithvi is shocked to know that Sherlyn wants to harm Preeta’s baby. He thinks about how he can stop Sherlyn. According to him, he should call Kritika and advise her to stay around Sherlyn. But Kritika is also busy with the family so she doesn’t pay attention to her phone and pick up her call. Prithvi gets upset and thinks that if he was there he would have stopped him.

Srishti loves seeing Mahesh and Luthra’s family happy here as they are happy after a long time. Mahesh believes that he has been happy because of Preeta. Karan gets sad as he too has a hand in this joy but no one is thanking him. Everyone starts laughing at him. At the same time, something falls on Preeta’s clothes. Sarla brings her to the room so that she can clean her clothes. There Sherlyn gets depressed because the Luthra family has also brought a cake to Preeta.

She decides that she will set Preeta’s joy on fire. Sarla brings a black thread for Preeta so that she doesn’t notice anyone. Preeta tells her that Grandma had taken a similar thread for her. Sarla tells Preeta that she is going to take great care of her. Preeta smiles. There Sherlyn drops the marbles into the stairs causing Preeta to fall and her baby is destroyed. Rakhi asks Karan to bring Preeta.

Karan comes to Preeta and starts complaining to Sarla about her. He says Preeta harasses her a lot and he cannot complain to his family so he is saying so to his mother-in-law. He says he will make his child quite naughty too. Preeta asks her not to do so. Everyone starts laughing. Sherlyn is waiting for Preeta. That’s when Preeta comes there. She dreams that Preeta has fallen down the stairs and everyone is unhappy.

That’s when Kareena comes to her and asks her why she is smiling. Sherlyn lies that she is happy to see them happy. Sherlyn looks at Preeta and gets excited that Preeta is going to lose everything soon. Moreover, Kritika calls the earth. Prithvi wants her to take care of Preeta because Sherlyn is probably worried that Preeta is about to become a mother even if Sherlyn has just lost her baby.

Kritika understands her point and decides that she will take care of Preeta. Here Preeta grabs Karan’s hand and comes down so that Sherlyn’s plan flops. Srishti looks at the combs in the same place and thinks about whose work can be done. Srishti sees Sherlyn and finds something strange. That is when Daima comes there. She checks Preeta and tells everyone that Preeta is going to have twins. Everyone is happy.

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