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Kundali Bhagya 24 June 2021 Written Update: Srishti asks Sarla at the beginning of the episode why she is performing puja at night. Sarla tells her that she is doing it for Karan. Srishti assures him that he will come out of prison. Prithvi is thinking about Preeta and thinks why Preeta said Karan will come out of jail. He is drinking and looks worried. That’s when Sherlyn comes there.

Prithvi gets startled and asks why she came here. Sherlyn tells her that she is so scared because of Preeta. As he promised Luthra, he would come to Karan Luthra’s house tomorrow. That means he is in the danger zone. The earth assures him that nothing will happen to him. He hugs her and confronts her. Sarla and others are going to go. Sarla’s health begins to deteriorate.

Srishti suggests that she stay at home and she will go to court. Sarla nodded yes. Rakhi and others reached the court. Rakhi’s eyes moisten when she sees Karan. He goes to her and asks her to smile. Preeta is also looking at Karan. Karan comes to him and says he doesn’t have to worry as all will be fine. Preeta nods yes. Preeta looks upset. Rakhi comforts her. Srishti tells Preeta that everything will be fine don’t worry.

Preeta says she is feeling very little. Kritika asks Prithvi if her brother will come out of jail. Prithvi says he is innocent so he will definitely come out of jail. Kritika smiles at this. Prithvi asks God to punish Karan. Sherlyn sends Megha a message that she knows her secret. Megha wonders what kind of secret. Kareena asks Rakhi where Preeta is. Rakhi finds her and later Preeta reaches there.

She gives some papers to lawyer Siddharth. Karan and others then come to court. The court process begins. Lawyer Sunil believes Karan kills Akshay and has also confessed to his crime. But lawyer Siddharth says Karan became emotional at that time. Because his wife is innocent and unable to prove it, he lied. The latter lawyer asked Preeto to explain before the court why she felt that her husband had done nothing. Preeta adds that Karan is innocent as Sherlyn killed Akshay. Everyone is stunned.

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