Kundali bhagya 4 July 2021 Written Update Hindi: Preeta provokes Sherlyn against Prithvi in today Episode, Spoiler Alerts


kundali bhagya 4 July 2021

Kundali bhagya 4 July 2021 Written Update Hindi: At the beginning of the episode, someone knocks on the door when Sherlyn and Prithvi are talking. Prithvi hid behind the bed. While Sherlyn opens the door. She sees Rakhi. Rakhi sees her and says she looks gorgeous today. She takes her with her and closes the door. Closing rakhi doors disturbs the Prithvi. Then he goes out the window. Srishti sees him. She tells her that she will bring her reality to the fore today. Prithvi says that no one will believe his words because now that Sherlyn is loved by all, everyone will believe his words.

He also says that she is Preeta’s sister, so he is not doing anything. He tells her that he loves Preeta so he is forgiving her but if she tries to reveal her secret to everyone then this love will turn into hate and then no one will be able to save them. Saying this, he leaves. While Srishti feels that the Prithvi will not be able to spoil them.

Sanjana is happy to see her daughter and caresses her. This is followed by baby shower rituals. Sanjana gives a gift to Sherlyn. Rakhi asks Preeta to bring prasad. Rakhi also plays rituals. Preeta sees that Rakhi and Sherlyn are very happy. She says Rakhi will be very sad when she finds out that this child does not belong to Rishabh. At the same time, she gets angry that Sherlyn is happy to cheat everyone.

Sanjana feels Preeta is going to do something wrong. Kritika gives gifts to Sherlyn and says god bless her always. Then comes Preeta’s turn to give gifts. Sherlyn remembers how Preeta used to threaten her. She further taunts Preeta. Preeta says she will not do anything today but will show something. She says she has found out that the child belongs to the Prithvi and that Prithvi has told her this.

She provokes Sherlyn against the Prithvi and says that she will not do anything till Rishabh arrives but as soon as Rishabh comes she will reveal her truth to everyone. That is when Rishabh comes. Sherlyn gets scared. Everyone is happy to see Rishabh. Rakhi is surprised. Rishabh looks at Rakhi’s moist eyes and goes to her. Rakhi asks her why he lied to her. He says he wanted to surprise her so he did it.

Rakhi says she won’t talk to her. Rishabh asks if it is true that she will not talk to him. She says yes. Rishabh thinks he should leave again. Rakhi stops her and hugs her then Rishabh meets Preeta and says that he is very happy that he took care of his brother in difficult times. Mahesh hugged Rishabh. Rishabh tells him that he loves her very much and he misses his father a lot.

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