Kundali bhagya 9 July 2021 Written Update: Sherlyn, the victim of the accident in today Episode, Spoiler Alerts


Kundali bhagya 9 June 2021

Kundali bhagya 9 July 2021 Written Update: At the beginning of the episode, Rishabh tells Sherlyn that she can tell her if she feels the need for something. Sherlyn sees her good behavior and says she can’t forgive Rishabh because Rishabh is not a good person. His life and that of the Prithvi have been ruined because of him. She further thinks that she will have to finish Preeta’s game soon so she calls a man and tells him that she has to finish a woman named Preeta today. Then she looks back and gets shocked.

Mahira is standing behind him. Mahira is very happy to hear Sherlyn’s plan. She appreciates Sherlyn’s plan and says it would be better for Preeta to die. She then tells Sherlyn that she will also go to meet the hitman with her. Then they come to the place where they were scheduled to meet. Later, Mahira learns about the hitman’s entire plan of how they will kill Preeta.

Mahira did not like his idea. She also tells Sherlyn and advises her to consider it once. But Sherlyn doesn’t understand him and ignores him. Mahira is still scared because no one is listening to her. While Prithvi has come with Kritika to buy mangalsutra. He started to feel strange at the shop. While Kritika is happy.

Sherlyn is about to execute her plan and did not tell Prithvi anything about it. Here the hitman looks at Preeta. He later tries to kill her but all his attempts fail. He wants to talk to Sherlyn so tries to contact her and he can’t even talk to her. Then he calls Prithvi. So that the Prithvi can talk to Sherlyn.

Prithvi gets startled when he discovers that the hitman wants to kill Preeta. He shouts at him and reprimands him. Moreover, he asks him not to make any such mistake. Kritika looked at the troubled face of the Prithvi. She thinks about what’s going on. Prithvi runs out of the shop so that he can reach Preeta as soon as possible and save her. But there Sherlyn also calls the hitman and advises him to try to kill Preeta once again. That is what he wants to do.

She further tells Mahira that she is going to push Preeta so that she gets under the truck. Mahira is also following Sherlyn. Sherlyn is pushing Preeta but Mahira slips and she accidentally pushes Sherlyn. Sherlyn falls victim to an accident. Preeta turns and looks at what is happening. She sees Sherlyn. Preeta is shocked to see her condition. She asks her to come to her senses. She further calls Karan and tells him everything.

Preeta takes Sherlyn to the hospital. The Prithvi also reaches there. He sees Mahira and feels bad about Sherlyn’s condition. They then reach the hospital. Rishabh is upset. Seeing his poor condition, Karan consoles him and says that everything will be fine. Prithvi comes there and says he has complained to the police. Preeta wants to know how she came to know about the accident. The Prithvi falls silent. Everyone starts looking at him.

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  1. dr preeta this maira she pushed sherlyn I am sure that dr preeta you say maira face properly you come to know that dr preeta this prithiv malthora he is telling lies i know that.
    karan this maira she pushed sherlyn on the road hunderd percent that only maira didn’t her planned karan please you see maira face properly you come to know that.
    rhaki this maira she pushed sherlyn on the road that dr preeta she didn’t do anything for you rhaki this maira she pushed sherlyn to make accident on the road.
    dr preeta you save the sherlyn good you didn’t nice 👌 job dr preeta please join city hospital now you are busy now days okay.
    keep it up.

  2. rhaki please pray for Ganapathi for sherlyn she will be fine you don’t worry okay.
    rhaki be happy 😊.
    rhaki please drink water and be cool 😇 down and safe.


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