Kundali bhagya Written Update 18th Nov 2021: Karan is happy with Preeta’s pregnancy, Sonakshi takes this step in anger


Kundali bhagya 18th Nov 2021 Written Update

Kundali bhagya Written Update 18th Nov 2021: The latest episode (Kundali Bhagya 18th Nov Update) of ‘Kundli Bhagya’ showed that Prithvi is in jail and asks for a call from the constable to call. The constable refuses to give him the phone. Prithvi gets angry and dreams of eating sweets during Diwali. Suddenly Sherlyn arrives there with a box of sweets. Prithvi excitedly asks Sherlyn about her bail. Sherlyn says she will definitely get her out of jail and ask her to eat sweets.

Sherlyn tells Prithvi what has happened in Luthra House. The entire family has told Preeta not to take care of Pihu while bursting crackers. The earth is happy to hear this. Sherlyn says she thinks Sonakshi is behind the whole drama. Here, Karan and Preeta go to the room to see if Pihu is sleeping. Preeta sees Pihu sleeping in the room. Preeta gets emotional and tells Karan that she will never let this happen to Pihu again.

Karan was explaining to him when Preeta falls unconscious. Karan tries to lift him up but Preeta remains unconscious. Karan takes her out and sees Sonakshi near the car. He asks Sonakshi to help and take Preeta to the hospital. Sonakshi brings the car and starts driving. Sonakshi sees Karan kissing Preeta unconscious and starts burning and driving poorly.

Karan tells the doctor about Preeta as soon as he reaches the hospital. The doctor tells you after the checkup that Preeta is pregnant. Rishabh, on the other hand, notices that Sherlyn’s lawyer is calling him. But when he asks whose call he has, he lies that it is his mother’s call.

Preeta, Karan, and Sonakshi come back home and Sonakshi feels more jealous knowing that Preeta can be pregnant. In irritation, she adds a tablet to Preeta’s milk and asks Preeta to drink the milk.

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