KV Anand Passed Away: Life Changing the Himalayan Journey, National Award for First Picture


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KV Anand: From photography to cinematography and from there to direct. Named in all three areas. But done with countless pictures on the finger. KV Anand, a film genius, is a marvel here.

KV Anand was born on October 30, 1966, in Park Town, Chennai, the son of Venkatesh and Anasuya. He graduated from DG Vaishnav College. And a postgraduate degree in visual communication from Loyola College. KV Anand’s fascination with photography is his Himalayan journey during his post-graduation period. KV Anand used to say that the journey was a turning point in his life.

He started his career as a photojournalist. He has worked for publications such as India Today and Illustrated Weekly. He later worked as a freelancer for a number of publications. Although he worked in the field for only a short time, KV Anand’s pictures were published on the cover of about 200 magazines.

The meeting with PC Shriram brings KV Anand to the cinema. This gave him the opportunity to work as Sriram’s assistant cameraman. She has worked with him in films like Amaran, Thevarmakan, and Thiruda Thiruda.

PC Shriram is making his debut as a freelance photographer with Priyadarshan. Thenmavin Kombathil starring Mohanlal and Shobhana in the lead roles. In 1994, KV Anand won the National Award for Best Cinematography for the film. It was a dream come true for a freelance photographer. Soon after, he worked in Priyadarshan’s own minaret. After Punyabhoomi Na Desam (Telugu and Kathal Desam (Tamil)), she returned to Malayalam in 1997 with Chandralekha.

KV Anand’s first directorial venture was Kana Kanten, starring Srikanth, Prithviraj, and Gopika in the lead roles. It was Prithviraj’s first Tamil film. Prithviraj played the villain in the film. The second film was Ayan starring Surya and Tamanna in the lead roles. Iron had excellent performance success. The next film was Ko starring Jeeva. This too was a great success. Other films include Matron, Anegan, Kavan, and Kappan.

Apart from cinematography and directing, KV Anand is also involved in acting. She has acted in films like Meera, Sivaji, Matran, and Kavan.

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