Lucky Ali Death: Rumors of Lucky Ali’s death from Corona, Nafisa Ali reacts, actress gives information about her health


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Lucky Ali Death: There are many Bollywood stars, about whom strange rumors often start flying. After which these stars come to themselves or close to them and keep reacting to the rumors. Rumors have also cropped up about some of Bollywood’s famous singer and actor Lucky Ali, after which actress Nafisa Ali has to explain.

Actually, rumors of Lucky Ali’s demise arose recently on social media. According to rumors, he died of being infected with the Coronavirus. After which Lucky Ali’s fans started paying tribute to him on social media. At the same time, when actress Nafisa Ali came to know about such rumors, she immediately came on social media and reacted to Lucky Ali’s death.

Nafisa Ali has stated on her Twitter account that Lucky Ali’s death is just a rumor and he is completely fine. Nafisa Ali wrote in her tweet, ‘Lucky is completely fine and we were chatting this afternoon. He is on his farm with his family. They do not have any COVID. He is completely fit. This tweet of Nafisa Ali is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Actress and Lucky Ali’s fans are liking her tweet. Also giving their feedback by commenting. According to the news of the English website Hindustan Times, Lucky Ali is currently with his family in Bengaluru along with his family. Let me tell you that Lucky Ali has been one of the famous and brilliant singers of the 90s. He has won the hearts of the audience for a long time with his beautiful voice.

Lucky Ali has sung many best songs including ‘Kyun Chalti Hai Pawan’, ‘O Sanam’, ‘Jaane Kya Finda Hai’, and ‘Mausam’. These songs are still loved by music lovers. Last month, Lucky Ali has planned to collaborate with an Israeli musician to make some songs. Earlier, some videos of Lucky Ali’s songs also went viral on social media. In which he was seen singing the song in his beautiful voice.

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