Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 25 June 2021 Written Update: Krishna romanticised with Pratigya in Today Episode, Spoilers Alert


Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 Written Updates

Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 25 June 2021 Written Update: At the beginning of the episode, Pratigya is packing her bag and decides to leave the house. Krishna tried to stop him but he did not stop. Then he grabs her hand and says that she is not going anywhere. The pledge asks him, “Is he not able to live without him?” Krishna held his hand tightly and says crazy, “Yes, he can’t live without him.” It was then that he suffered a hand injury.

Meanwhile, Sumitra, Sajjan Singh, and Komal were discussing getting rid of the pledge. Sumitra says she is very lucky. She always protects herself from any bad plan against her. He says it is becoming very difficult to get the pledge out of this house. Komal says that if the children were 10 minutes late to arrive, the pledge would have really died, but here too luck supported him. Sajjan Singh says he has to make Meera Krishna’s legal.

Krishna then takes Pratikraman to the washroom to treat her wound and there he gets romantic with her in the shower. But the pledge pushed him. Komal tries to give Adarsh alcohol to get close to him. But he falls asleep drunk. Sumitra knocks on the door of the pledge and asks her if Krishna is. Then she lies as to why she will be here. Krishna lies down and listens to him and leaves the room.

Krishna is waiting for the pledge to arrive at the breakfast table the next day and Sumitra saw it. When she comes, Krishna asks her to sit with her. He apologizes to him in front of everyone and asks everyone to apologize to him. He says that everything he has done to him is completely wrong and no matter how many times he apologizes to him, he will not be enough. He serves her breakfast.

Sumitra then reminds him that he is not his wife. She asks her to go and bring her to the breakfast table. Meera is getting ready and tries to get close to Krishna. That’s when Meera comes and asks Pratigya to shift and says she is sitting in her place. He then feeds Krishna to envy the pledge.

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