Meena Kumari Death Anniversary: Not only light, her hair was also written like a moon, she was not Meena Kumari, she was a mah-jabin.


Not only light, her hair was also written like a moon, she was not Meena Kumari, she was a mah-jabin.

Meena Kumari Death Anniversary: Meena Kumari, a popular name, means ‘khoobsurat’, which belongs to the girl. Another maina of this word is, ‘Chand Si Peshani Wala.’ And of course, she was also the same as the moon-si Ishani (forehead). It was as if all that was written on his forehead, which the moon brought on his face. The two were different, of course, just in the sense that the earth breathed and the moon in the sky. The rest are all stories that bring these two equally, to the same ground. Consider, it will be sure of itself.

Both were abandoned at the time of birth.

There are many stories of the birth of the moon in the Sanatan Puranas. One of them is that Brahma Ji had ordered his manas son Maharishi Atri to expand the creation. For that Atri did penance. One day in the Tapasya, a few drops of water dripped from his eyes. Extremely lightening. Seeing this, holding the form of a woman, the directions came there and kept those drops in their womb with the desire to have a child. Gradually the fetus began to take shape in the womb. But his speed increased so much that the directions could not handle him. They abandoned him. Then the Supreme Father Brahma Ji adopted him. As the son. Named, Moon.

Here, on the ground, in 1933, Ali Baksh, the wife of Ali Baksh, a Mumbai theatre artist, was from Begum Pet. This was their second child. I wanted to have a son this time. But when she was born on August 1, the fate of the daughter was decided by the prophet. The situation in Fahakashi was already there. In such a situation, how to raise the second daughter? So, as soon as he was born, he left that little soul in the Yatimkhana. His charm, his speed, was such that he could not even keep himself away from him for a long time. Father Ali Bash was brought back. My mother gave me the name. But the father said, ‘Munna’, his son.

Both had to pay the price of love, for the spilling of moles.

It is said that the heart of Daksha Prajapati’s 27 daughters came to the beauty of the moon. So Daksha married all of them to Chandra. One of them was Rohini. Those who beat the moon in beauty. The moon sat heart-defeating on them. I spent more time with them. Then the rest of Chandra’s wives complained to his father Daksha. Daksha, an angry fire abattoir, cursed Chandra. Of scattering, decaying, decaying. Then Mahadev saved his life by giving a place to the moon on his shisha. But the disaster that came to the part of the moon to be scattered day by day, they could not overcome it. And when she was only 17-18 years old, she fell in love with a ‘kamal amrohi’ person. Twice the age, the previous two wives, the three children were ignored and they were ignored.

Both ‘day and day fourfold’ just like giving birth to go

When Brahma Ji adopted Chandra as a son, he was given authority. Of being the protector of flora, medicines. It is said that Chandra is still fulfilling this right of his duty today. That is why flora, medicines increase ‘four-fold day by night’. In the conservation of the moon. In the same way, when his father called ‘Munna’ to Maha-Jabeen, he also hoped for his protection, for upbringing. The child didn’t disappoint them either. From the age of 6, he started working and bringing money home. She continued to bear the responsibilities of the family until she grew up. Even for her ‘amazing-sweetheart’, she remained a hen that lays golden eggs. When another great man (Dharmendra), who came to Mumbai from Punjab, joined her in her life, she was helped by the mah-jabeen, and the shayars, who belonged to the mah-jabeen, were given full ownership of life in the form of the words she had written.

The lives of both are in two factions – Krishna Paksha and Shukla Paksha.

The life of the moon is said to be divided into two parts. One- Krishna Paksha, when they reach Amavas, one by one, less of art. The second is the Shukla Paksha, in which they come to each other by increasing the art till the night of the full moon. Mah-jabini’s life was also divided into two factions in the same way. In just 38 years of her life, she has done a lot of light in 33 years, climbing one ‘Kala’, ‘Sahib, Biwi Aur Ghulam’, ‘Pakeezah’, ‘Mere Apne’, ‘Aarti’, ‘Baiju Bawra’, ‘Parineeta’, ‘Dil Apna Aur Preet Parai’, ‘Footpath’, ‘Dil Ek Mandir’, and ‘Kajal’, and close to 92 films like ‘Kajal’, Poonam’s moon-swelled. And here, the other zaanib, the taqlifs stemming from the infidelities and the unsavory of sorrow and alcohol, are seen to be spread in his life the mandari of an amavas.

But the old-fashioned Jamal began to bind the mah-jabini in the lock-ups. Everywhere, a 24-hour watch was put on. When you meet whom, where you go, what they talk about, everything is monitored. It is said that during this time, a mortaba came to meet a budding shayar (Gulzar) of that time. They were seen by the man who went into the room, whom Kamal had left for the care of the mah-jabini. That person has lost his temper. He went in and slapped the mah-jabeen. Mah-jabeen suffered this injury deep. So, amazingly, she separated in one fell swoop. But the curse was yet to come to her. It is said that when Kamal realized his mistake, he wanted to bring the mah-jabeen back to life again. For this, a man of his friend and father’s age, Amanullah, made him obey. After this, Amanullah divorced Mah-jabeen. Then Kamal scolded him again. In ‘Amazing Mazhab’, this is the way to bring the wife back into her life. But this method proved to be very enough to eliminate the mole-tilakar of the month-old.

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