Meet Written Update: Meet Ahlawat confesses his love for Meet Hooda


Meet Written Update

Meet Written Update: Zee TV’s new show Meet produced by Shashi Sumit Productions keeps the audience hooked to the TV screen with interesting drama. According to the plot, The Innocent Meet Meet Hooda and tells him about Manushi’s secret. Soon, she blackmails Meet to reveal the truth. She asks her to give divorce papers to Meet Ahlawat and get out of her life.

Later, Meet Hooda thinks about the results and breaks down. Finally, she meets innocent and tells her about her decision. She burns divorce papers and refuses to divorce Meet Ahlawat. Soon, the innocent gets angry and tells everyone about Manushi staying in Hooda’s house. Meet Ahlawat and Babita get shocked. However, it proves to be the dream of the innocent.

The family is planning to play a couple of games in the upcoming episodes. Though Meet Hooda refused to play, Meet Ahlawat pulled him off. He brings her to him and whispers ‘I love you to his ears. This shocks Meet Hooda but makes the family happy. However, soon, he mentions ‘I love you Manushi’ which shocks the entire family.

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