Namak Issk ka 24 June 2021 Written Update Hindi: Irrawaddy and Chamcham challenge each other in today Episode, Spoliers Alert


Namak Issk ka Written Update

Namak Issk ka 24 June 2021 Written Update Hindi: At the beginning of the episode, Rupa tells Irrawaddy that Ronnie killed my child. Chamcham was standing at the door and listening to it. Irrawaddy told him that you need to wipe his tears because he betrayed me along with Chamcham. Chamcham is shocked to learn that Ronnie caused him to lose his unborn child. Chamcham feels guilty as Rupa did everything to help Chamcham.

Chamcham came inside the room and Irrawaddy taunted that you had ruined the lives of my two daughters. After he left, Chamcham tells Rupa that I heard everything and I am coming back home to fix everything.

Saroj was standing in front of the idol of God and says that my family is destroyed. Ronnie came and told him to stop crying about what we would get out of it now. Saroj told him that you are right I should not cry and you should cry. Chamcham was listening to the conversation there. Saroj shouts that you are not ashamed that you killed your own child. Ronnie told him not to shout like this. If anyone listens, I will go behind bars. Saroj says I’ll put you behind myself. Ronnie prays to God to save me from this mess.

Chamcham approached yuga and told him that we would go back home because Rupa needed us and we could not leave her alone. Yuga asks him if you are certain or someone has pressured him to come back home. Chamcham told him that I just wanted to go back home. Yug says, “Okay, I am completing all the formalities.”

Yuga was sitting with the family. Saroj gave her a chance to worship but she said Rupa has her first right so she will do it. Saroj gathers everyone and worships them. Chamcham indirectly taunted Yug by saying that the next film should be made on domestic violence. Saroj thought Chamcham was indirectly pointing to Ronnie.

Irrawaddy threatened Chamcham and said no one would help you fight the matter. Chamcham told him that women like you were enemies themselves. Iravati told him that I am not biased because everyone is equal to me. Chamcham also challenged Irrawaddy.

Yuga went to the father and asked him to sit down because I wanted to do something important. Yuga wanted to apologize for what happened in the last few days. Ravikant told him that He was not sorry because I was a criminal. Irrawaddy listens to their conversations. Ravikant told him that He was ready to shoulder the entire responsibility of a father but it was not possible here.

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