Namak Issk ka 25 June 2021 Written Update: Chamcham needs help in today episode Spoilers Alert


Namak Issk ka Today Written Update

Namak Issk ka 25 June 2021 Written Update: At the beginning of the episode, Ravikant told Yuga that now I want to be a good father to my daughter but here it is not possible so we have to go. Yuga says you can’t go anywhere because we are a family. Ravikant says everyone in this house is against each other and is plotting. Yuga requested him to give me some time, I would find a solution. No one was willing to fight the case against Irrawaddy and then Chamcham recalled a lawyer who could help him.

Irrawaddy heard the conversation there and cursed Ravikant for thwarting his plan for which he fought a lot. Iravati herself says that my husband is ready to hand over all the property to someone else but I will not allow it to happen. Irrawaddy found a picture of Ravikant with his loyal lawyer. Irrawaddy cursed her for not helping her in the past.

Chamcham went to The Fierce to get it signed, he said, “I gave up advocacy.” Chamcham convinced her to listen to her once and then she told her about rupa’s incident and I want to register a domestic violence case against her husband. The lawyer asked him to try to move forward as the court would consider it an accident.

Irrawaddy recalled how He did not cooperate with him by The Fierce. Irrawaddy says it is time to repeat history. The lawyer refused to fight the case and told Chamcham that she could go.

Yuga approached Irrawaddy and pretended to be poor in front of him. Yug asked him not to blame himself for everything. I am an unfortunate mother of 2 daughters, says Irrawaddy. Don’t worry and didn’t disclose about Ravikant’s decision, yug says.

Irrawaddy came and taunted Ronnie that you were good at destroying things. Ronnie pretends to be stressed and requests him to sponsor a trip to him. Irrawaddy told him that Chamcham was ready to register a case against you. Ronnie says this woman is always ready to file a lawsuit and I think you should buy a tent outside the court so that she can easily register a lot of cases. Irrawaddy told him that you need to keep an eye on his every move.

Yuga was looking for a spoon in the house. Chamcham wondered how to punish Ronnie for what he had done and who would help me. Chamcham came back and Yuga told him that I was worried about him. Yuga saw blood on her hand but she told her that a naughty boy threw color at me. Chamcham wanted her not to ask further because I could not lie to her anymore and now I can’t tell her to register a case. The lawyer decided to fight Chamcham’s case and thought of going to his house.

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