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Pandya Store 1 July 2021 Written Update: At the beginning of the episode, Shiva gifted Ravi and asked him to open the gift now. There was a lizard inside the gift box and when Ravi opened the gift she got scared and then she started fighting Shiva. Krish asked everyone to celebrate and dance to music. While the Pandya family was enjoying and celebrating, Janardhan, on the other hand, made his dirty plan to insult the Pandya family. Shiva and Ravi later shared romantic moments in their room.

Ravi asked why Shiva doesn’t fight him anymore. Shiva said he no longer wants to fight with him. Ravi asked Shiva to become a friend. Shiva said they cannot become friends as snakes and new ones cannot be friends. Ravi said, “Let’s become strangers and give a new beginning to our relationships.” Shiva said he can’t make a new beginning. Suman teaches Rishita to make Bhajia, when rishita is not able to prepare properly, Dhara prepared bhajia and served bhajia to Shiva as well.

Dhara later asked Shiva to take Ravi to the market for shopping. Shiva later asked Ravi to get ready on time to go to the market. Ravi was happy. On the other hand, Anita asked Prafulla not to think of anything and praised Shiva’s gifts. Kaka told Gautam that there was a shortage of cumin in the Pandya store and Janardhan had closed the stock without giving cumin seeds. Shiva went to sell the truck and he was waiting for someone.

Suraj, a dealer with whom Shiva had made a deal, has shifted his shop and sent his owner to the spot. Suraj’s employee told Shiva that Suraj’s mother was ill and hence he did not come. Shiva, on the other hand, when he talks to Suraj over the phone, finds out that his vehicle is punctured. Shiva thought there was something wrong with the deal. Janardhan informed the food department about the deal and asked Suraj not to visit Shiva. According to Janardhan’s plan, when the food department gets shiva cumin, they will seal the Pandya store and destroy the Pandya family.

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