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Pandya Store 18 June 2021 Written Update: At the beginning of the episode, Anita was returning to her room when Shiva suddenly arrived. Shiva asked what was inside this compartment. Anita said some sweets were in her box. Shiva leaves. Suman wondered who dropped the oil on the stairs. Suman decided to send Rishita and Ravi to Prafulla’s house and complete the turban rituals. Anita took Rishita’s parcel when Dev refused to take the parcel due to a lack of money. Anita handed over the parcel to Rishita.

Shiva was thinking of ways to collect money. Shiva went to Dhara’s room and took the property papers from Dhara’s cupboard. Shiva decided to put the papers in Dhara’s cupboard again before seeing them. Dhara gave Rishita money for her parcel. Rishita said she has already got the parcel from someone and said she also takes care of their feelings. Rishita told Dhara that Shiva had taken something from her cupboard and was hiding something.

Shiva rushed to his room to hide the papers, but Ravi was already him. Ravi was sitting near the window, Shiva picked him up and asked him to rest. Ravi said he was fine. Shiva asked him to walk at the door. Suddenly Dhara arrived with a kadha for Ravi. Dhara asked Shiva if he was happy to sell the property. Shiva said he also wants to sell the property and open a new branch of the Pandya store.

Prafulla was using the same oil can get food for herself, Anita came and asked her not to use the box. Suddenly Dhara reached the kitchen and asked Anita not to give money to anyone in her family and told her that Anita Pandya could not be a part of the family. Anita said she is doing everything to help her friend Dhara. Dhara gives money to Anita. Prafulla took that money and started shouting at Anita to steal money from her wallet. Anita and Prafulla leave.

Dhara found the box and oil in the kitchen. Shiva told Dhara that he had seen the box with Anita. Shiva stopped Prafulla and started asking her about the box and oil.

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