Pandya Store 22 June 2021 Written Update Hindi: Rishitha gets evidence in today Episode


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Pandya Store 22 June 2021 Written Update Hindi: At the beginning of the episode, Rishita chases Shiva and reaches the moneylender’s cabin. Shiva saw Rishita coming towards the cabin, so he hid inside the cabin. Rishita reached inside the cabin and inquired about Shiva but Rasik said he did not know anything about Shiva. Rishita leaves. Gautam, on the other hand, handed over the property papers to Masuk Bhai to sell the property. Shiva took money from Rasik Bhai and went to the haveli.

Dev got an offer to work in Ahmedabad but Dev refused to move away from Somnath. Rishita fights Dev to deny opportunities and asks her to think only about her. God ignored him. Rishitha decided to show her the evidence. Ravi was walking around the mansion at night, she was scared of some strange noise, Shiva approached her and held her in his arms and consoled her and asked her not to roam around the mansion at night. Ravi told Shiva that she would not follow any of his rules and laws and asked him to leave.

Rishita, on the other hand, was searching Shiva’s room to find the bag full of money. Two boys arrived on the bike and started teasing Ravi. Rishita could not find a bag of money. Shiva fights those boys to save Ravi. Shiva asked Ravi to go in with him. Shiva and Ravi walk with each other when no one is around. Finally Rishita found the bag under the bed and decided to show the bag to all the family members. Suddenly Shiva reached his room.

Rishita said Shiva wants to open a new transport business and it is good to open a new business but it is wrong to hide it from everyone. Rishita said Dev is denying many opportunities to support the family and not thinking about himself but shiva on the other hand is planning his future. Rishita called Dev and everyone reached Shiva’s room. Rishita told everyone that Shiva is going to start a new transport business. Dhara shouted at Rishita to enter Shiva’s room without permission and said that Rishitha was wrong.

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