Pandya Store 23 June 2021 Written Update Hindi: Dev fights with Rishitha in today Episode


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Pandya Store 23 June 2021 Written Update Hindi: At the beginning of the episode, Shiva handed over the bag to Rishitha, checked the bag, and found only a few pieces of money inside the bag. Shiva hides all the money when Rishita was calling everyone. Everyone had to face embarrassment. Dev shouted at Rishita to insult Shiva. Shiva refused to shout at Rishita from Dev and said she was walking in sleep. Shiva asked Dev to take care of Rishita. Rishita shouted at Shiva and said that she would tell her the truth and said that if Shiva opens a new business, Dev will also go out of the city to take up a job.

Dhara asked everyone to go to their respective rooms. Dev decided to sleep outside his room. Rishita locked the door from inside to stop her. Shiva messaged Ravi how he was. And then they made video calls. The next morning Dev tried to find the key to open the door but could not find the key and even Rishita could not find the key. Dev asked Krish to bring a hammer to break the lock. Krish asked him to order something for him. God obeyed him.

Ravi asked Prafulla if he remembered her birthday. Prafulla said she did not remember and asked her what she wanted as a birthday gift. Ravi said she wants Prafulla not to fight Shiva forever. Prafulla said she too will not fight shiva if she does not fight her. Dhara asked Dev to drop Rishita in Prafulla’s room and also asked everyone to make a surprise plan for Ravi’s birthday party. Dhara asked Krish not to tell Ravi anything about the birthday party and also asked Shiva to give Ravi a special surprise.

Ravi called Krish and asked about the surprise party. Krish was about to tell everything but Shiva stopped Krish and disconnected the phone. Rishita asked Ravi where he was shifting and was planning to build a new house. Ravi said she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Rishita said Shiva is planning to start a new business. Ravi asked Rishita not to think too much.

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Shiva asks Prafulla to give Suman’s bangles. Prafulla says she will not return the bangles and only Ravi will go with her. Shiva says Ravi will stay with Prafulla if Prafulla does not return bangles. Ravi was shocked.

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