Pandya Store 25 June 2021 Written Update Hindi: Ravi fights Shiva in today Episode


Pandya Store Written Updates

Pandya Store 25 June 2021 Written Update Hindi: At the beginning of the episode, Shiva said that if he goes back to the mansion without bangles Ravi will also be with Prafulla and he will not take her with him. Dhara shouted at Shiva for his words and said that Ravi and Bangles are two different things. Gautam asked Shiva to go home with Ravi and asked him not to make a scene. Shiva said he would no longer listen to anyone and then he left. Dhara asks Suman to talk to Shiva, Suman said she can’t do anything if Shiva doesn’t want to take his wife home and said I will take Ravi home.

Ravi follows Shiva and shouts at him. Ravi said Shiva cannot make a decision for him and said he could not compare him with that bangles. Shiva asked Ravi to complain to Prafulla and said he would somehow take the bangles from Prafulla. Ravi said how Shiva can use it to withdraw bangles.

Dhara later shouted at Shiva and said that if he did not take Ravi home, she would take Ravi home with her. Anita, on the other hand, asked Prafulla to return the bangles to Suman to save Ravi’s wedding. Prafulla said it looks like dowry and if she reports it to the police, the entire Pandya family will go to jail. Suman fights Prafulla and then she asks everyone to go back home. Shiva said he would not take Ravi with him without bangles. Ravi said she would not go to the mansion herself.

Shiva said Ravi can do what he has to do. Ravi and Shiva leave. Dhara came to Ravi and asked him not to think anything wrong for Shiva and also asked him to go back to the mansion. Prafulla said her lawyer will respond on Ravi’s behalf. Dhara told Prafulla not to say this to Suman and she leaves. Gautam shouted at Shiva and asked him to bring Ravi back to the mansion. Shiva ignores Gautama and leaves.

Pandya Store Upcoming story

Pandya’s family gives Ravi a surprise birthday party. Ravi is happy but she leaves. Shiva decides to withdraw the bangles from Prafulla at any cost.

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