Payal Rohtagi’s tears spilled over violence in Begnal; pleas made to PM Modi in support of Kangana


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Payal Rohtagi’s- The results of the assembly elections in West Bengal have been announced. In Bengal, the Trinamool Congress won by a huge vote and on 5 May, Mamata Banerjee took the oath of Chief Minister for the third consecutive time. Meanwhile, there were reports of violence in many places in Bengal. BJP alleged that TMC activists are committing this violence. At the same time, Mamta’s party kept a clear edge from it. Some actresses from the film industry also reacted to this.

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut also tweeted in support of BJP, but she found it difficult to tweet because Twitter suspended her account. After this, a video of Payal Rohatgi has surfaced. She has become emotional in this. He has expressed grief over the violence in Bengal. With this, he has appealed to the Prime Minister and the Home Minister to intervene in this entire matter.

Payal Rohatgi said, ‘What is the government doing, Modi ji, you are the Prime Minister of our country, isn’t it? Amit Shah, you are the Home Minister of our country, are you not? Why are they trying to harm innocent Hindu people, who supported you? You did not come to power, Mamata Banerjee became the Chief Minister of Bengal, but what is the fault of innocent people who supported you. ‘

Payal said, ‘I have been feeling helpless for a long time, under a lot of circumstances. But I keep myself strong because if I do not keep myself strong, many things will go wrong. If I am not stable then many things will go wrong. You all have just seen my strong side but I also feel helpless when I do not get the right advice and now I feel helpless looking at the pictures coming from Bengal. I do not like that.

Apart from this, Payal has expressed concern over the suspension of Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account. He said, ‘Why was Kangana’s Twitter account deleted. He would not have written anything wrong like this. We are not in the government, Mr. Modi, you are the Prime Minister, are you not? Why are you not saving those who are being killed in such a bad way? Women are being raped. Mamta Banerjee, you have won, you are also a woman, are you not seeing these pictures.

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